About Us

Knysna Montessori School comprises a Pre-School,  Primary School and High School.  The High School offers an IEB Matric,  as well as boarding for both weekly and termly boarders.

Knysna Montessori School was formed in 1997 under the auspices of the BMS Trust when founder, Taddy Beyleveld, extended Montessori Methodology and Philosophy from a Pre-School into a 6-9 year old Primary School Group.  Today KMS offers a comprehensive Montessori education, where a child can begin at age 2 in the Pre-school, and emerge at 18 from the High School with an IEB Matric.

Knysna Montessori School is registered as an Independent School with the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) and is also Umalusi accredited. The KMS Curriculum covers the requirements of the National Curriculum Statements, using an integrated approach to attain the outcomes and assessment standards set by the Department of Education.

As a leader in the South African Montessori community, the Knysna Montessori School and teachers are registered both with the  South African council for Educators (SACE).

Knysna Montessori School (KMS) is a close-knit, vibrant and passionate school. We observe, guide and encourage each child towards independent learning, through balancing freedom of choice with responsibility, within a prepared environment. The result is empowered individuals realising their full potential. The school lies on the outskirts of Knysna, nestled between forests and natural vegetation in the picturesque village of Narnia.

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