Friday Market



Every Friday from the end of September through to the end of May Knysna Montessori School hosts local, national and international visitors at the famous Friday Supper and Craft Market. Every week we have a local musician to entertain our visitors. The market also provides local businesses with an opportunity to showcase their skills and sell their delicious wares, and is a significant fundraiser for the school. As a result we ask that people do not bring their own food and drink to the market but rather enjoy all that is on offer from the stalls, and our licensed bar. Please note that no dogs are allowed at the Friday Market and no children are to be dropped off and left unsupervised. Should you wish to hire a stall at The Friday Market kindly contact the school office for more information.

Tables at the Friday Market can be sponsored by regular visitors who would like to guarantee themselves a table and seat especially during the holiday season. The cost of sponsoring a table in the first year is R1000 and R750 for every year after. Please contact reception at Knysna Montessori School to find out more.

As an entrepreneurial opportunity for the older Montessori students, they have a stall at the market where they sell the products from their businesses/occupations.

Friday Market Bar Duty: all of our parents are asked to help with the Friday Market by taking part in one bar duty. This entails serving drinks from 5:00 to 8:00 (latest).  If you are unable to make it, then please contact reception at the school as soon as possible. You can pay R150.00 to cover paying someone to do your bar duty instead should you wish.

Bar duty dates are as follows:

September 2016

2/9 – Cox     9/9 – Stassen     16/9 – Scott     23/9 Jacobs     30/9 Blignaut

October 2016

7/10 – de Nil     14/10 – Edkins     21/10 – Fraser-Mackenzie     28/10 Gibs

November 2016

4/11 – Glogauer     11/11 – Gouws     18/11 – Grabe     25/11 – Harms

December 2016

2/12 – Hildebrand    9/12 – Heinen/Jacobs    16/12 – Johnston/Kraaikamp    23/12 – Leech/Leholo    30/12 – Philips/Scott

January 2017

6/1 – Meyer/Maree     13/1 – Law    20/1 – Koen     27/1 – Price

February 2017

3/2 – Steyn     10/2 – Stead     17/2 – Walters     24/2 – Walledge

March 2017

3/3 – Brink     10/3 – Carr     17/3 – Collins    24/3 – Davis     31/3 – Dos Santos Sera

April 2017

7/4 – Glogauer     14/4 – Henley     21/4 – Kind     28/4 – McNaught

May 2017

5/5 – Page     12/5 – Price     19/5 – Savage     26/5 – Sibali



Sponsorships provide the KMS community with an opportunity to help fund development of the school and also promote their business. Throughout the year as sponsorship opportunities occur we will notify parents. Currently, there is the opportunity to provide sponsorship for the development of our astro turf and advertise your business on a board next to the sports fields.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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